Saturday, January 19, 2013

East Coast Journal- Part 5

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The next morning we started our day by jumping into the water which had still kept its cold temperature from the night before. We were surrounded by enormous cliffs and the ocean was endlessly blue. Skinny-dipping continued as we drove alongside Cape Breton. In Meat Cove, the tip of the island, where you could normally see whales, we went hiking to the top of the hill. This is the view from there! 

We came down and while I was running to the water, Oliver said, “are you sure you’re gonna skinny-dip here? I said, “hell, yeah! Aren’t you?” He said, “I’m not sure, there might be some people around who might not feel comfortable about it or get offended.” I said, “listen! If you’re not gonna do it here, in this beautiful nature, where the hell are you gonna do it? In a swimming pool in town?! Look around you! It’s a sin not to enjoy this. Why would anyone feel offended? I don’t know why it’s such a big deal here in North America. In Europe this is quite common and people feel relaxed about it; western and eastern Europe. Let’s go!” I ran on the pebbles and immersed myself in the most crystal clear water. We swam and climbed up a rock in the water and basked in the afternoon sun while the waves hit the rock every now and then and splashed salty water on our bodies. It was one of those moments that I wouldn’t regret if I died, right there, right then.

We drove for an hour and we reached Dingwall on the east side of the island where there was a sandy beach. It was a quiet place with just a few people walking. We set up our tent and went walking alongside the water with a bottle of wine which switched between our hands. Not long after we watched the sunset, we slept. 

We woke up with the rays of sunlight passing into our tent. I went out and saw the colorful ocean adorned with rays of sunlight. Gosh, it was beautiful! I went on jogging on the beach while Olivier was doing tai chi. We had the whole beach for ourselves. We had become primitives and even our body clock was adjusted to nature.
We drove down the island through Cape Breton Highlands National Park where I saw moose for the first time in my life. 

We also went to a waterfall in the park, also the first waterfall I swam in. 

Afterwards we went to a lodge called Cabot Trail Wilderness ResortWe set up our tent and made our food ready in the beautiful lodge owned by Paul, a psychologist from Boston. He told me that after he got his PhD, he started practicing but after a while thought that he didn’t wanna spend his life listening to the pains and sufferings of people. Therefore he came to Cape Breton and built this place. The lodge was an amazing place I would love to go to again.
The next morning we headed down towards Moncton and bid goodbye to the beautiful Cape Breton.
I stayed the night in Moncton, looking forward to my adventure in Prince Edward island.

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